Welcome to Neutral Corner. If you’d like to join us for dinner, we meet at 7:30pm. You may order a tasty meal from the restaurant menu, enjoy dessert but dinner is not mandatory. We meet in a large private room in the rear of the restaurant and you must pass by non-transgender patrons of the restaurant. Once you make it that far, the only people in the room will be Neutral Corner members and guests.

Coco’s is located on El Cajon Boulevard between Hamilton and Oregon Streets. There is plenty of free parking. For a map click here.



A brief explanation on our change of format. I had been hosting the website on my site, and numerous problems began to pop up. My personal website was becoming jeopardized in the process. I decided to try a blog-style website for the group because it will provide you the opportunity to share your thoughts on certain “soft” pages. One thing, as your webmistress, that I have always wanted is group participation. I welcome your ideas and your thoughts.

I apologize for the interruption, and I will be adding pages to this site, as time permits. I hope to make this website one that will serve the San Diego, California transgender community well.

Also, please note that the links provided to you in this website do not necessarily imply endorsement by The Neutral Corner, its officers nor its membership. They are links that I find interesting. I’d like to see some of your and possibly include them here.

Caroline Clark
Neutral Corner Webmistress